"To prevent Cecelia's tragedy, I recommend WatcherForYou to all families. The reason is that it can help your family on many situations. First of all, it can alarm the criminal that your house has video surveillance; Secondly, it can notify you as soon as a criminal enters your house; The last, it can help the police to catch the murderer faster since it has recording to identify the criminal."

Jason, Toronto, Canada

"...We are surprised for your rapid response to add the new features we asked..."

Guoming, Shanghai, China

"Your software is really neat, I love to purchase it although I tried just a few days."

Mark, California, United States

"After our initial research, our editors apparently think that your software would be a good candidate for our article since WatcherForYou ranked #2 for webcam software."

Wendy, New York, United States

"I will purchase your software as it works well and the service looks good."

Brian, United Kingdom

"Tried many other so-called webcam software, finally I have found one that really works. Affordable, stable and easy to use. Good job!"

Joe, New Jersey, United States

"I have spent the last 2 weeks testing webcam security software and have concluded that WatcherForYou is absolutely the best software available for webcam motion detection / security .
I highly recommend it. WatcherForYou is inexpensive and easy to setup and will effectively monitor anyplace for extended periods of time. It is also a very stable and has an excellent look and feel.
It brings me peace of mind knowing that when I'm out of town or even just out for coffee that my premises will be effectively monitored."

Don, Thunder Bay, Canada

If you would like to share your story, please email us at sales@comctech.com


WatcherForYouTM Enterprise

WatcherForYouTM Enterprise is built on WatcherForYouTM Pro, it includes WatcherForYouTM, WatcherForYouViewer and WatcherForYouServer. WatcherForYouTM Enterprise is designed for an enterprises to use, the enterprise can use it for its own monitoring or provide service for its clients. 

WatcherForYouTM Enterprise provides the following features:

  • Support all features of WatcherForYouTM Pro
  • Multiple users management
  • View all monitoring systems, online viewers and recordings
  • Auto upload recording to server after creation
  • Remotely playback any historical recordings in the database 


NOTE: In order to correctly use WatcherForYouTM Enterprise, you need to install MySQL server, MySQL ODBC driver and create WatcherForYouTM database first, then use WatcherForYouServer to add user and its password. Then you can run WatcherForYouTM to register with this user, password and IP address of remote host machine that is running WatcherForYouServer. If WatcherForYouTM registers successfully, then you can run WatcherForYouViewer to login and remotely view cameras from WatcherForYouTM or playback historical recordings from WatcherForYouServer.

If you still need help, please feel free to email to support@comctech.com


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WatcherForYouTM screen shot

How It Works

1、Your webcam(s) or camcorder(s) or video camera(s) are connected to the computer with various cables, such as, USB, 1394(Firewire or i.Link), RCA or BNC etc.

2、The driver(s) of camera(s) or capture card that support WDM video capture are installed, you can verify the driver(s) with the utility amcap.exe from Microsoft.

3、When WatcherForYouTM is launched and the camera(s) are turned on, it will automatically monitor the areas that your camera(s) are viewing, and start to detect the motion.

4、If a motion in a camera view is detected, WatcherForYouTM will trigger siren alarm and change the color of camera button to notify you.

5、You can also use the Wizard or Configure window to trigger other alarms if a motion is detected, such as, launch a program to warn the intruder, send an email with a captured image or make a phone call with playing a voice file.

6、If you enable the FTP function, WatcherForYouTM will continuously Upload captured images to your FTP server, then you can view your property with a browser from anywhere in the world.